End of Agreement Process

Tuesday 19th October 2021

End of Agreement Process

A Reminder of Our Policy

When your [site-title] is returned at the end of the agreement, it should be in good condition.  The vehicle should be roadworthy, all features should be in working order and there should be no dashboard lights illuminated.

The vehicle must have been serviced according to [site-title]’s servicing and maintenance schedule with the work conducted by a [site-title] Authorised Repairer.  A service history by any other repairer devalues the vehicle and therefore you might be charged an additional fee when returning the vehicle.  Tyres should not have any damage to the sidewalls or treads and meet the minimum legal requirements.  Any bodywork repairs completed before the vehicle is returned should be conducted by a [site-title] Authorised Bodyshop or must be carried out to a professional standard by a repairer who can provide a transferable warranty for the work.

To remove any uncertainty about what we mean by ‘good condition’, we use the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association’s (BVRLA) ‘Guide to Fair Wear and Tear’.  These independent guidelines allow us to apply fair and consistent standards to the condition of the vehicle at the end of the contract and determine whether any charges should apply.

To see a full copy of the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines click here