End of Agreement Options


Retain the vehicle by paying the Optional Final Payment.


Return the vehicle, there’s nothing more to pay if the car is in good condition and within the agreed mileage terms.


Renew the vehicle, by part exchanging using any excess part exchange value that is above the Optional Final Payment towards your deposit.

Please read our guide to your PCP options by clicking here before making your decision. If, upon reaching the end of your Personal Contract Purchase agreement, you want to keep your vehicle but are not able to make the final baloon payment, we will, subject to eligibility, reschedule this amount for you.

If you have any questions regarding your options you can contact our Customer Services department by emailing or by calling 0800 085 1541.

Fair Wear and Tear

When your vehicle is returned at the end of the agreement, it should be in good condition.  The vehicle should be roadworthy, all features should be in working order and there should be no dashboard lights illuminated. Find out more here.